Childhood memories


When you go to your neighbour’s house and see their mad dog but he’s asking you to calm down (if I hear)


When you smell your own mess (and you can’t believe it came from you)


When that uncle, who stays long so he can eat lunch and dinner, comes to your house


When the James Bond of the house (you of course) sneaks into the house by 10PM and your mum is up waiting for you like…


Two words: novocaine injection


When he tells the crew he ate bacon and eggs that morning but you were at his house and it was eko and beans


When you’ve been talking to your crush and then you check your mouth odour later –



At the party, the big fried meat you were saving for last falls on the ground



The exact second the teacher finds the ‘microchips’ you brought to the exam (express carryover)




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